Our Policies


Moms & Dads, for the sake of your child as well as all of the other children, please arrive on time! Being late is far more difficult on a child than what many parents realize. The warm up period at the beginning of class is very important for every child to participate in. It is done for safety and preparation to prevent injury. If your child is late, they will have to do warm up activities before they can begin regular gymnastics class activities.


Parents are not allowed in the gym unless they are involved in a parent child class. Siblings or other children are not permitted in the gym unless they are enrolled in a class. Older siblings are not allowed on the floor during parent-child classes. Please use the observation area provided.

All viewing must be done from the observation area on the balcony. The observation area is unique in gymnastics in that it requires that observers follow the gym’s safety rules. Please refrain from gesturing, signing or correcting your child while they are on the gym floor or equipment. Please do not attempt to coach or speak to your child while in class. This interferes with your child’s attention on the task and on the instructor’s teaching. This distraction can also be dangerous and result in an injury to your child. Parents who wish to photograph or videotape their child must notify an FGC staff member first. Flash photography is not allowed.

Parents, please keep children not participating in class with you and under your supervision at all times.

If you leave the gym during class, please return on time and come into the lobby to pick up your child. Gymnasts are not allowed to wait outside for rides.

Gymnasts must wait in the lobby or balcony area until the instructor calls the class to the gym floor. No one is allowed on the floor without an instructor.

Payment Policy:

Frederick Gymnastics Club runs a year round program. You may enroll or un-enroll at any time. Tuition will be prorated based on the number of classes remaining in the month. Your payment will be processed at the time of enrollment for the weeks remaining in the month you registered.  The tuition shown is the monthly amount and assumes there will be 4 classes per month. This rate will change if there are more or less classes in the month. You may register your child for class at any time as long as there is space available in that class. All registration is done online. Your student will be scheduled to begin class as soon as you complete the registration process.

After your initial registration, tuition is paid monthly via direct debit from any major debit or credit card on the 26th day of the preceding month. Declined payments (expired credit card etc. ) must be remedied by the 30th of the month or you risk losing your student’s  place in class. We do not invoice or send reminders. We will notify you by email when your payment has been processed. If you choose to leave the program and want to discontinue your monthly payment please notify the gym in writing (email frederickgymnastics@gmail.com) before the 24th of the month.

Frederick Gymnastics Club does charge an annual membership fee of $35 for an individual or $50 for a family. These fees are non refundable.

Refund Policy:

Your satisfaction is guaranteed. If at anytime you are not satisfied with your class, we will refund the tuition for the remaining classes.


Your tuition pays for a class spot, REGARDLESS of ATTENDANCE. As a courtesy, FGC offers make-up classes to current students when doing so does not jeopardize the safety or integrity of the class. Make-up procedures vary program to program depending on space, equipment and teaching ratios. Make-ups are a privilege and FGC reserves the right to refuse to offer make-ups for any class. A student must be active in the program to schedule a makeup class.

Snow Policy:

We do not follow the Frederick County Public School’s policy for closing. In case of inclement weather please call the gym 301-695-9414 and press 5 for gym closures.

Gym Attire:

Clothing should be nonrestrictive, form fitting, free of zippers, buttons, snaps and other decoration that can catch on equipment. Necklaces, earrings and other jewelry should not be worn in the gym. Attire for girls: leotards, unitards, one piece bathing suits, shorts and a t-shirt (tucked in) are all acceptable. Attire for boys: t-shirts and shorts or sweat pants are acceptable. All students are required to be bare footed and long hair must be tied back or pulled away from the face prior to class.

Supervised Open Gym:

Open to members and non-members. Open gym time is staffed by our instructors and is a time for students to practice skills that they already know how to do. We reserve the right to restrict any activity or use of equipment we consider unsafe. Strict rules for everyone’s safety are enforced. Adults are NOT allowed on ANY equipment. Check our voice mail for open gym cancellations…..301-695-9414….ext. 5 Open gym times and cost are as follows: Members $10.00 ~ Non-Members $15.00

Birthday Parties:

The gym is a FUN place to have your birthday party. Birthday Parties are scheduled on Sunday afternoons. Please schedule your party online or through the portal. A $50 deposit is required to reserve your party date. Please see the schedule for party times and prices

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