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Fun, Fitness-Focused Programs In Our State Of The Art 18,000 Square Foot Air Conditioned Facility
Proud Of Our Role In Building Happy, Healthy, Strong, Confident Kids!

For children who are walking to 18 months old, our FUN Toddler class is designed to provide safe exploration, positive social interactions, parent-child bonding activities and gross motor play. For the more energetic 18 month – 30 month old, our Parent ‘n Peanut class is sure to foster healthy movement, build confidence in movement awareness and introduce key concepts such as taking turns, sharing, listening and following directions.

Up to 6 years old. Our preschool program has been designed to provide fun, safe, developmentally sound progressions so each child begins to understand their body’s capabilities and limitations through the wonderful sport of gymnastics.

Classes include instruction on all Olympic events and are divided by age and ability. The program is structured so that gymnasts are rewarded as they progress through 10 achievement levels. As a gymnast masters each level they will receive a specific colored achievement ribbon for that level. Upon mastery of each level of the program they are invited to move to the next level of the program.

Our in ground trampolines and pits, our 40’ long tumble trac along with our double mini trampoline and spring floors are put to use in Trampoline. From jumps and turns to flips and twists, students will learn in a safe and progressive manner utilizing over-head spotting belts, when needed, to give that extra boost of confidence when learning new, more difficult tricks.

Tumbling: Get ready to tumble through the gym!  All tumblers will learn skills on the floor exercise, trampolines and tumble track. Students will be working towards their tumbling goals by breaking skills down into drills that promote safe learning and proper gymnastics progression.  There is only one way to teach tumbling…the SAFE way!!

Ninja gym is a fun, skill based, fast paced combination of Physical Challenges, Ninja Obstacles, Rebounding and Gymnastics. Students will be Swinging, Jumping, Hanging, Climbing, Flipping, and Bouncing their way through various ninja obstacles and physical challenges. Ninja gym is designed to improve strength, flexibility, balance, coordination, athleticism in addition to building confidence, perseverance and determination.

Get ready to tumble through the gym!  All boys will learn skills on the floor parallel bars, rings, vault, trampolines,  and tumble track. Students will be working towards their gymnastics goals by breaking skills down into drills that promote safe learning and proper gymnastics progression.  There is only one way to teach boys gymnastics…the SAFE way!!

Frederick Gymnastics Club Runs A Year Round Program.
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Why Gymnastics?

  • Gymnastics provides unique opportunity to give children a fundamental understanding of what their brains and bodies are capable of
  • Building strength and coordination instills confidence in movement and physical activity
  • Emphasizes listening skills, following directions, applying corrections, and understanding safety rules
  • Physical movement activities and challenges develop children’s spatial and kinesthetic awareness
  • Develops fine and gross motor skills, strength, flexibility, discipline, determination, and perseverance

Why Frederick Gymnastics?

  • Serving the Frederick Community and Beyond for Over 41 Years
  • Our 18,000 square foot, air conditioned facility contains state-of-the-art equipment including In-Ground Trampolines, Deep Foam Training Pits, and 80-Foot Rod Floor
  • USA Gymnastics Certified Professional Instructors
  • USA Gymnastics Women’s Competitive Levels 3-10 and Xcel
  • Proudly Training State, Regional, & National Champions

  • We had a great first experience! Tammy was so friendly and made us feel so welcome!! We will be back for open gym time. Now my 6 yrs old wants to join the olympics for trophy's. Lol
    Carmen D.
  • Excellent program!! Our daughter loved this program and the coaches were wonderful! The poise and confidence she learned has benefited her in her adult life!
    Sherri S.
  • Great staff and a fun, encouraging atmosphere. The instructors/coaches are professional yet approachable and my children have learned so much in the year we've been with FGC.
    Carol M.
  • My son is approximately 5 and 1/2 and was in the all boys class this past cycle. The instructor, Matt, worked with them. I wish I could better express how it felt to watch my son, who doesn't liked to be pushed in a swing, doesn't like even being picked up for fear of heights; be enthusiastic about things like the uneven bars. Matt was consistent, encouraging, understanding, and patient with the group and because of this, my son who refused to even try the upper bar for most of the classes tried, and had that look of confidence that I will NEVER forget. Thank you!
    Jessica T.
  • Ashley W
    My kids have absolutely loved FGC! The staff have been so caring and energetic and it’s been reasonably not crowded even before COVID. When we came back after they closed due to the pandemic, we are very impressed with the precautions they are taking and we feel comfortable to let our kids get back to a semi normal life. I highly recommend letting your child attend here!
    Ashley W
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