Trampoline 1: Ages 6 & Up

This class is designed for the trampoline enthusiast who wants to learn safe and correct trampoline technique. These students will learn basic jumps and turns as well as body positions and shapes while developing kinesthetic awareness and coordination. This is all done using our in ground trampolines, our in-ground pits, our 40’ long tumble trac and our double mini trampoline and spring floors.

Trampoline 2: Ages 6 & Up

In Trampoline 2 basic jumps and turns become flips and twists all learned in a safe and progressive manner using all of the above named equipment. In addition there are over-head spotting belts to give that extra boost of confidence when learning new, more difficult tricks.

Fall 2017

FGC runs a year round program. Tuition is paid monthly via direct debit from any major debit or credit card.