Boys Gymnastics

Our Beginner Program is designed to introduce basic gymnastic skill to young children who have little to no gymnastics experience and those still learning the basic skills. Mastery of these basic skills is necessary to move to the Intermediate level program.

  • Develop Strength, Body Awareness, Flexibility, Coordination, and Confidence
  • Introduction to all gymnastics events: Vault, Parallel Bars, Pommel Horse, Rings and Floor Exercise
  • Progressive Program of Beginner skill development with 4 levels of achievement
  • Students will learn Gymnastics positions and shapes, Handstands, Cartwheels, Round offs, Rolls, Turns, Jumps, Pullovers, Casting and Circles

Boys Beginner Classes: Ages 5 ½ – 7  – Students ages 5 ½-7 who are new to gymnastics should enroll in a Boys Beginner class.

Boys Advanced Beginner Classes Ages 6 & up  – Boys ages 8 & up should enroll in Boys Advanced Beginner, even if they are new to gymnastics.


Summer 2017

(6 & up) Once the Beginner Program has been completed Boys move to the Intermediate Program. In the Intermediate Program there are two skill levels to master. Each level comes with an achievement ribbon. The gymnast will work on more difficult skills and combinations using all of the equipment as well as continued development on flexibility and strength and power. Boys that were in our Boys 2 last year should sign up for either Advanced Beginner or the Intermediate classes.